SUMMR 2020
is my self-made



I am a recent graduate from Cal Poly's 5 year Bachelor of Architecture program with a minor in property development. For my senior design project I decided to employ my interest in digital nomadism, architecture, and product design, to reimagine how the future generation might prefer to work and live.

SUMMR 2020

A self-made internship in response to losing a corporate internship due to COVID-19. The goal is self-discovery, building real-world skills, and genuine connection and learning from others. Here you will find a variety of interviews with CEOS, artists, innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs - many who have embraced unconventional path-finding.

Product Management Intern

After conducting SUMMR 2020, the next step in my path was tofind a formalized experience in digital product. As a product management internat Autodesk, I was able to cultivate some essential capabilities as a PM andget my hands dirty with product strategy and development at a global companyserving millions of customers.

Ethic Marketplace

Ethic Marketplace aims to further the movement of conscious consumerism by streamlining the way people purchase sustainable products. Ethic Marketplace is an online platform that makes it easier for consumers to buy everyday products and provides them with a sense of comfort and pride in knowing that their purchase is bettering people and the planet.

TEDx San Luis Obispo

Despite some real challenges that COVID-19 has brought all of us, it has also created some real unexpected opportunities. TEDx San Luis Obispo hosted their very first virtual event and I was asked to speak to my journey of unconventional path-finding this past summer. In the talk I explain how I built SUMMR 2020 and how YOU can do the same thing with 0$ and some real grit.

Hurry up to Relax

Hurry up to Relax is an experimentation towards bringing together two seemingly incompatible things: speed and reflection. Often when we think of a place to bring about reflection we think of quiet places of solitude. What is often overlooked as a solution towards processing stress and bringing a sense of peace is kinesthetic movement and the manipulation of light. Just as people go running or take a long drive to process the day, we can use light, speed, and connection as elements for processing our everyday lives. I designed a meditative space that elicits self reflection while students are walking from class to class.

Weather Application

An 8 week coding crash course provided by SheCodes. Built a highly functional and responsive weather application through use of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Github, Bootstrap, and more.

Between the 90 and the 405

Between the 90 and the 405 is an experimental narrative towards the disconnect from those who live in the city, and the homeless. The network of highways create a natural center to the city that could be utilized as a place of connection and experimentation. The exploration of this concept can be seen in my deep investigation of circulation throughout the site and implementation of biomimicry.


A 5 week design studio project, yolk is a public art foundation that amplifies the voices of black artists by displaying the works of El Enatsui and Senga Nengudi. The approach is raw, digestible, and naked. All work is done analog.