SUMMR 2020
is my self-made


SUMMR 2020

A self-made internship in response to losing a corporate internship due to COVID-19. The goal is self-discovery, building real-world skills, and genuine connection and learning from others.

Here you will find a variety of interviews with CEOS, artists, innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs - many who have embraced unconventional path-finding. Listen and learn from leaders in the industry that fascinates you and from individuals who have a compelling story to tell.A self-made internship in response to losing a corporate internship due to COVID-19.

TEDx San Luis Obispo

Despite some real challenges that COVID-19 has brought all of us, it has also created some real unexpected opportunities. TEDx San Luis Obispo hosted their very first virtual event and I was asked to speak to my journey of unconventional path-finding this past summer. In the talk I explain how I built SUMMR 2020 and how YOU can do the same thing with 0$ and some real grit.


A 5 week design studio project, yolk is a public art foundation that amplifies the voices of black artists by displaying the works of El Enatsui and Senga Nengudi. The approach is raw, digestible, and naked. All work is done analog.

About Jessica Beth

I like things that don’t pair together: peanut butter with a tortilla, pineapple on pizza, and creating opportunity during a pandemic.

Why? Because to me, things that don’t conventionally work together are some of the most interesting and radical combinations. For the past three years, I have navigated college equipped with both a directional and disciplined plan, as well as an open-mind and a creative, free-spirit towards new and exciting experiences.

My appetency for long nights and caffeine ultimately led me to none other than the world of entrepreneurship. In the summer of 2019 I co-founded my first start up, Ethic. With a dream to “make it easier to buy good” my team and I were awarded $10,000 dollars and extensive mentorship to build out our company. During this time I got my mini MBA learning about all aspects of business and product development as well as cultivating myself as a leader and a creative thinker. Now I am creating my own summer internship, SUMMR 2020, after loosing a corporate experience from COVID-19. I using this time to connect with innovative leaders and learn how they challenge the conventional.